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Hillary supporters…I’m here to help

15036299_10209831150874099_1370611235413093616_nYes, I’m just a Constitutional Libertarian who shared your concerns about Donald Trump.  But I also realized why Trump’s message was resonating with the public-at-large.   It appears the Hillary Clinton campaign operated in a vacuum that prevented them from that same realization.

Yes, it’s Monday morning quarterbacking; but perhaps these suppositions will help you in future elections:

Maybe you should not have created the Wedding Cake Gestapo.

Maybe you should not have automatically labeled most white males “racist,” “sexist,” “bigots,” “homophobes,” etc. etc.

Maybe you should not have blithely discounted rural America as redneck flyover country.

Maybe you should have insisted that your candidate be held to the same moral standard as the other candidate.

Maybe you should have recognized that it is possible for good people to have compunctions about men using the women’s restroom and locker facilities.

Maybe you should have realized that not everyone has the same warm fuzzy feeling you do about the work going on at Planned Parenthood.

Maybe “It’s My Turn!” is not the best catchphrase with which to lure moderate voters.

Maybe you should have acknowledged that it is entirely possible for one to have misgivings about Clinton that had NOTHING to do with her anatomy.

Maybe you should have figured out that people take a dim view when you DO suggest their opposition is primarily gender-based.

Maybe you should have not equated “no charges are recommended” with “she’s innocent of any wrongdoing.”

Finally…maybe you should not have held a reflexive contempt for those who asked pesky questions about your candidate.  Our failure to do that with previous Presidential candidates has not worked out too well.

Again, take it with a grain of salt.  Or a mountain.

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