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Chuck “Throws His Vote Away.”

I have given Donald Trump every opportunity to win me over.  Given who he is running against in this Presidential election, I cannot imagine an easier task.  Yet he still has failed.

Voting for Hillary Clinton was never an option for me.  I have filled up a lot of bandwidth explaining why.  Let’s just say she is the embodiment of the corrupt politician.  I have never seen a candidate with more negatives than her.  Yet here she is, on the cusp of becoming the most powerful person on the planet.

Given all that, the Republicans could have nominated a paper clip and I would have lent them my support.  They didn’t.

Again, I understand Trump’s appeal. Lord knows we need more people willing to speak their mind. The upshot of people speaking their minds is that we begin to learn the way their minds works. And as we peel back the onion on Trump, it stinks even worse.

I was still willing to give Trump a chance since his nomination to appear at least *marginally* less loathsome than he was before.  We know what we’re getting with Clinton.  I was willing to entertain the notion that Trump was somehow an unknown commodity.  He is not.  With him we will get a petulant man-child narcissist in the White House.  We’ve had that for the past eight years and I would submit that it hasn’t worked out well.

Also factoring into my decision has been the behavior of some Trump supporters.  I know each side of the political spectrum has their crazies.  But watching otherwise-rational people abandon their principles (along with a fair amount of common sense) as they try to explain away the latest outrageous Trump statement has been more than I can stand.

This election is an epic clash between our Reality-Show Society and our increasing reliance on the government.  As a popular meme explains, Clinton represents all that is wrong with our government while Trump represents all that is wrong with our culture.

Folks, we are BETTER than this.  We deserve better.  Criminals deserve better than having these two choices.  I cannot imagine the essence of the American political process being reduced to two more reprehensible candidates. evan-mcmullin-twitter

I am voting for Evan McMullin (pictured) on Tuesday.  He is a former CIA operations officer and a bonafide Constitutional Conservative.  No he won’t win.  Yes, this is a protest vote.

Go ahead and tell me I’m throwing my vote away.  I don’t care.  I am the one who has to look at the man in the mirror for the rest of my life.  I would prefer to be able to look him squarely in the eye.

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