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Rolling Stoned

rolling-stone-uva-rape-on-campusVictories for Common Sense are becoming rarer and rarer these days.  That compels me to want to spike the football when things DO go right.  Such was the case today in Charlottesville, Virginia.

A jury found Rolling Stone magazine and execrable writer Susan Erdley were found liable in a civil suit filed by a former Administrator over a discredited article about an alleged gang rape at University of Virginia.

The error was that the author of the article and the magazine knew what story they wanted to tell, and needed a “good” example of it. That caused them to shy away from information that could potentially ameliorate or undermine The Narrative. When the story appeared to be of a gang-rape of at what some see as an elite southern school…well, the proponents of The Narrative could NOT pass it up.

They were told a story that appealed to their stereotypical prejudices. When one read the article, it was like each character introduced come straight out of central casting. Doe-eyed innocent “victims,” predatory “villains,” uncaring university administrators. The story made sure it included all of the elements of The Narrative…one-dimensional characters with clearly defined white hats and black hats—with all of the signs pointing to a mythical “system” that was working against the innocent.

Before to this article, whenever there was a report of a rape with sensational details, the Tawana Brawley case was among the cautionary tales trotted out. And that was nearly thirty years ago. More recently the now-debunked Duke Lacrosse rape allegations still has legs.

Given the exposure of the Rolling Stone article it’s going to join the ranks of “yeah but, remember when…” stories of false rape claims for a long time to come. That will absolutely deter many women from coming forward. Exactly the opposite effect the authors of the story were pushing.

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