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Insurance Premiums going up? President says you’re in the minority.

If your Health Care premiums have gone up, and/or your deductibles, the President of the United States today essentially shot you a big fat middle finger.

“It is true, premiums are going up for a handful of people who don’t get tax credits.”

As if that bit of mendacity were not enough, the President then pivoted to his go-to ploy…The Obama Strawman.

“We’re working hard to do something about it. We would would have already done it if Republicans had helped,” Obama said. “Keep in mind, their alternative would have been no health insurance.”

So being opposed to the largest government boondoggle in recent memory means you want no one to have health insurance.  Unreal…but not surprising, coming from this President.

When the President was making his jaw-dropping claims in 2009 that ACA would lower the average family’s premiums by $2,500 per year, I and many others screamed that there was no way that could happen.  NO WAY!  We also strongly suspected that when the inevitable rate hikes came, that he would point his finger directly at the insurance companies.  Sometimes I hate being right so often.

When I and others said that Obamacare was built upon a house of lies and shadows, I was excoriated by some as “heartless” “racist” and other things I will not repeat. Since its adoption by parliamentary subterfuge, with NO input from the minority party, everything I and others said has been vindicated—this being just the latest example.

To everyone of you who supports the obscene philosophy behind Obamacare, I will anxiously await your apologies when this mountain of crap comes tumbling down. Unfortunately, we’re ALL going to get hit by the shrapnel.

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